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We are little fire individually, but when we comes together as a home w became a lake of fire W. W. Branham.

Pray for the success of our home or marriage is one of the unique teachings we need and task we should committed to in this end time. The revival that will happen to our nation and the entire world must first of all start from our homes. God did not create the home by accident but through adequate planning. And until we turn our homes to prayer chamber might not enjoy the divine planning of God for our lives.

Through prayer for our homes will create an atmosphere of peace, progress, joy and unlimited love between couples and the children. God is looking for a praying home today that He will bestow His unlimited peace, joy and prosperity in order to glorify His holy name.

God has no plan for any home to be destroying or scatter like the first home in Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), and the best way to avoid such terrible situation is by praying.

In the next five weeks, Im ready to help you change unchanging situations and circumstances facing your marriage and home as a whole. You will be showing and praying about things you have not been aware of or have been avoiding in your homes. Problems like fighting, quarreling, lust, etc. and at the end, your marriage and home will be restoring back to original destiny.

Its my desire to see your marriage heal, deliver and loose from the power of darkness, set you free from oppression of the enemies and save you from any bondage of the devil that your family had been kept. Since I received this mission and I had totally dedicated, committed and readiness to do all in my possession to see your home and marriage triumph and glorify the glory of God in your world. It is my desire that I also see you prepared and committed to get this prophecy word from divine authority. Therefore, make sure you always alert to get the articles at the right time. You can also ask for it when it seems that I havent sends it.

God is interested in the peace of your home, He created the for Himself. He is the God of your home and my home (Ephesians 3:14-15). Your home is not for devil to reign, therefore be ready to confront him in prayer and prophetic word of God that will be given to you times to time, mostly weekly.

Once again, I thank you for the opportunity you render to share this truth message with you. You are blessed and fulfill your destiny in Jesus name, amen.

Prayer points:
Let us pray:
1. As from today henceforth, I dedicate my home to the hand of God in Jesus name.
2. My home is not for the devil operation, therefore all enforcement agencies from the satanic kingdom scatter by Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.
3. Every h*** that we allow for the devil to penetrate to my home is block with the Blood and Fire of God in Jesus name.
4. As from today henceforth, my home is manifesting in atmosphere of Gods peace in Jesus name.
5. All the blessing that had been stolen away from my home is restore back in Jesus name.

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