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Make a New Start!

Everyday is a new day when different people started a new plan in their lives. A journey started well may end woefully if care is not taken. 
In the beginning of the world, Adam and Eve started their life with God and it is fully well with them. They enjoying, ruled and have dominion on every creatures by then. Both animals and birds are servant to them. But when they make a new beginning in their lives with Satan, they totally lost their position and became wonderer (Genesis 1:26-303:1-end).
When Samson started his life with God, he was blessed and rule his world (Judges 13:24-25). But when he makes a new beginning with prostitutes (strange women), his lives became useless and the world rule him. He lost his destiny; he was physically and spiritually destroyed and ends his life suddenly (Judges 14:1-216:1-31). 
Ananias and Sapphira make a new start with lying they gain sudden death; while Judas Isacriot also end his life suddenly because he make a new start with stealing (Acts 5:1-10). There thousands of Judas Iscariot today. Many Samson are in existence; follow the adultery of Samson of the Bible and they had become the victim.
A new start you can make today is for you to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Those who make a new beginning with the devil and lives unrighteousness end their lives painfully. They lost their position, power, wealth, and the greatest sadness of it is that they end their life in hell. While those who started with God and waited in His righteousness end their life joyfully and live forever in Heaven.
Mary Magdalene was a demonic in her early lives but when she makes a new start with Christ she joyfully lives and ends peacefully. She remains a model of good history in Christendom. Her journey with Christ brought goodness and make her fulfils her destiny. Joseph could attain the throne of leadership in the land of Egypt because he fully started his lives with God and lives his entire life for Him. He did not allow any worldly affairs or enjoyment to rule him (Genesis 39:1-20).
You too can enjoy remain of your life. You can become what you desire. Failure within and without can end in your endeavor, if you too can start your life with Christ now. He has promise to do a new thing in your life. "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? (Isaiah 43:19). 
Beloved, God is fully ready to do a new thing in your life. Don't dwell in the past. Past will only useless you. Those who dwell in their past only remain unchanged. To forget the past or former thing means to disown yourself, your position and your problem and dissociate yourself from them. Don't remember them more. It has become history. New life has begun; new thing has established. 
A Nigerian preacher, Gbile Akanni said "You must forget yourself. Whatever you are, you must lose sight of it. It is not that you will just try or pretend not to remember, but that it has passed away. Even when you want to remember, you cannot. That is what means to forget". Today is acceptable time for you to make a new start in your life. You can do this by adapt your life and pattern it after Jesus Christ's own way of living.
The Bible says: "but be transformed (changed) by the entire renewal of your mind-by its new ideals and its new attitude" (Romans 12:2b (Amp). The first thing to cultivate now is the mind of Christ. Study the scriptures carefully, follow God's instruction and fully committed to Christ way of living. 
Finally, Christ will only accept you when you confess all your sins unto Him and repent. He will surely give you a new heart and a new life. Sin like fornication, stealing, lying, adultery, murder, pride, hatred, gossiping, fighting, unbelief, etc has to be confess and forsake (Galatians 5:19-21). In other to enjoy the goodness of God, you have to make a right decision now, not tomorrow or next week or next month, but NOW. 
As you're making a new beginning, I pray that the Spirit and the blessing of God shall fell and be on you now and forever in Jesus name, amen.
Remain bless. Remember, in all your getting get life and lives for Christ.

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