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Discovering purpose is not as difficult as most people think. In fact, it is very simple. If give you a gadget whose functions and purpose you don’t know as a gift, what would you do? Are you going to throw it away or simply abandon it? I don’t think so. The wisest and simplest thing for you to do is to refer to the manual. The gadget’s manual would clearly explain its purpose and functions. You may know practically nothing about the gadget initially but by the time you are through with the manual, you would have clearly understood its purpose and how to use it.
Just like every gadget has a manual, every one of us a manual. This manual was written by our manufacturer (God) so that we might find purpose and understand how to live our lives. This manual is not in Heaven or somewhere far away. It is always available and accessible. I’m referring to the Bible. Yes! The Bible is more than a religious book. It is God’s manual for your life.
Most of us barely read the manuals that accompany our gadgets because we usually consider it unnecessary to do so and we learn to use our gadgets by trial and error. The only time we refer to a gadget’s manual is when we find it difficult to understand a particular function. This does not only amount to us shortchanging ourselves, it sometimes lead to the destruction of these gadgets. People spend money and time trying to fix things that could have been avoided if the gadgets’ manuals have been read in the first place.
Most of us barely read the Bible too. We usually don’t see a need for it or like we sometimes say “we are too busy”. Consequently, we live our lives by trial and error. We run our lives the way we like and we say “it’s my life”. No! It’s not your life. It’s a trust you will account for at the end of the day. It’s a soft loan. Just like a trustee does not use a property in his care the way he likes, you are not permitted to use your life the way you like. You must use it the way the owner (God) wants.
The reason many people spend money, time, tears and pains trying to fix their health, businesses, marriages and homes is that they ignore God’s manual. Many sicknesses, marital problems, business failures and sudden death would have been avoided if adequate attention had been paid to God’s manual – the Bible.
The Bible is more than you think it is. It is more than a book of religious creeds. It is a book that contains the answers to all questions and the solutions to all problems. The Bible contains everything you need to have a blissful time both here on earth and in heaven. Through it, I’ve learn to live above sicknesses and diseases. Challenges come but they don’t overcome! The Bible is beyond description. I never knew until I began devoting attention to it. Oh! How I wish everybody knows this truth. It would make the world a much better place. We will continue our search for purpose next week but till then keep reading the manual.

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