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In last edition I drew your attention to the divine choices made on your behalf and how they go a long way in defining the real you. I also took a step in awakening your awareness to the fact that God does nothing without a purpose. This implies that the choices He made for you without consulting you actually help a great deal in unraveling the very purpose behind your existence. In other words, God deliberately chose your parents, siblings, race, nationality, talents, birth date etc, because of what was on His mind when He created you- His plans.
You are not a product of mass production so to speak. You are custom-made. God didn't create you with the mass. It took Him quality time to craft and wire you. He paid detailed attention to even the minutest details of your life. Your height, gender, complexion, etc are actually the best for you.
Your parents might not be as good as they should be but they are the best for your life and destiny. Why? God chose them for you because He loves you with an unimaginable love and because they are the most ideal for your life and destiny. “You don’t know my father; if you did you won’t talk like this”. I don’t need to know your father. You are the one that needs to know that The Father made that man your father because he is the best for you. Oh! How I wish you understand this mystery.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well. (Psalm 139:14 NIV)
Irrespective of the circumstances that led to your birth- teenage pregnancy, rape, illicit affair, etc- you came into this world at the right time and in the right way. Ha! Are you endorsing all these social ills? No! What I’m attempting to show you is that even if the circumstances that led to your birth are wrong, you are right! That was why I referred to this as a mystery. It is the mystery of creation! Contrary to societal perceptions, there is no one who is an illegitimate child. All of us, regardless of how we were born, are legitimate. We are all masterpieces of God created to show forth His glory.
Abraham’s father was a pagan; yet he became the father of faith. Jephthah was a product of prostitution (Judges 11:1); yet he became a mighty warrior and Judge in Israel. David was an outcast; yet he became the best king Israel ever had. Solomon was born out of wedlock; yet he became the wisest and richest man of all time.
I prophesy into your life that irrespective of the circumstances of your birth, your family or background, you will become everything God wants you to be in Jesus name. I wish I could continue to show you these things but I will continue next edition.

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