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End To Your Old Story

End to Old Story

Bible Reading: Luke 5:1-10

Divine visitation put end to old story. When God visit you, your story must change. Old story must end, and new story will establish. When God visited Sarah, Elizabeth, and Hannah, He put end to their story of barrenness, and He established new story of mother of babies with them.

When Jesus visited the man born blind in John 9, He closed his blind history. Not only that, when He visited Peters and his friend in Luke 5:1-10, Jesus put end to their hard work without profits.

My friend, God must put end to your story today. The story written on your name in the Book of God is different from the one people read in you. That book of failure against you must be close today in the name of Jesus.


1.    All the transaction of devil against my business manifestation, scatter by fire in Jesus name.
2.    All the satanic transactions that hinder my business to receive new story destroy by fire of God in Jesus name.
3.    I refuse and denial my business and life to be an object for satanic transaction in Jesus’ name.
4.    My God and my Lord close the chapter of old story in my life today in Jesus name.
5.    I close the chapter of old story in my handiwork and marriage in Jesus name.
6.    Enough is enough; old story is end today in my life in Jesus name.
7.    I cover my handiwork with hot fire of God, in the name of Jesus.
8.    I cover my handiwork and business with hot coals of fire, untouchable for evil forces, in the name of Jesus.
9.    My handiwork, receive the touch of Lord, in Jesus’ name.

10. Every tree of profitless hard word is uprooted, in Jesus’ name.

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