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Pray for the Ministry

I use this medium to say the following prayers:

1.          Lord I pray you will bless my family and friends with light and salvation. Lord I pray you will have mercy on everyone in hospitals and save their souls. I pray for all the young Christian with the mental breakdown have mercy on them today.

2.          Lord I give you thanks for a sound mind and for your love to me. Lord I pray you will bless your people in Africa, Europe, Asia, America, Pakistan, Middle East, etc today. O Lord, in your mercy please sends help, food and clothing for the poor and needy children. Bless all the family and all God’s servants there.

3.          Lord blesses in the refugee camp in Ghana, Rwanda, Serial Lone, and I pray you will encourage the believers there and save sinners for your glory. Bless the children that missionaries sponsor there with light and salvation and help your servants there to preach the gospel.

4.          Lord bless your children today in Kenya and the prison ministry Lord have mercy on the prisoners and bless all the young believers, bless the books and bible studies there and bless the ladies and the poor children , Lord please meet their needs.

5.          Lord bless all pastor and their wife and family and there churches. Please meet their needs and bless the preaching of the cross. Bless all the staff at of MIKOAS MINISTRY encourage them and bless their families.

6.          Lord Bless your entire servant as they serves you in different parts of the world. Lord Jesus, Nehemiah prayed that remember him for the good he deed to your people. I also ask you Lord to remember your servants for the good they are doing to your people.

7.          Lord I humbly ask you to meet every need of your servant. Bless him with a good part time job so he can be a blessing to many!! Thank you JESUS for your Love grace and favor. We Love you Lord. Thank you for the good health and the gift of salvation.
8.          Bless all my friends and my family and Father God; receive all the glory in Jesus Name. Amen.

9.          Any person that stood up right from the day you are born and did not allow you to move forward of achieving your dream today is their end on earth, the heaven will announce their death tonight in Jesus name.

10.      Everything that was burial in order for your life to remain unfruitful are raise up from the land through the Resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

11.      I declared to your life today, all the genesis of sorrow in your life is uprooted today in Jesus name.

12.      All the handcuff of the devil that padlocks your hand is cut off with the axe of heavenly Kingdom of God today.

13.      I pray that all the door that the devil and the evil forces of your father house had closed against is widely open today.

14.      As long as you remain to hold on God your Creator, any man that plan to let you down in any where you go, such person will die suddenly in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen, amen, amen!!!

Dear brother and sister, on behalf of my family, the entire staff of this ministry, I thank you and appreciate your commitment and sacrifices towards the success of this program. I wish you fruitful testimonies as from today henceforth in Jesus name, amen. Thanks and remain blessed!

Remember this is not the end of it all, very soon we shall commence on Easter program, and I believe you will be the partaker. Don’t forget to share your testimonies with us as soon as you reap the fruits of this program.

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God bless you and increase you as you join our prayer ministry.