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For us to see new month of September is a grace and great gift from our loving Father. Just as the Old Year given way to the New Year, God is giving us another opportunity to fulfill His programmed and purpose for our lives. He has done much for us in the previous month; He is now preparing wonderful things for you and I in the remaining days of this year. The Scriptural insight into what awaits you this season from the living God is a CHANGE OF NAME (Isaiah 62:2).
This month, this year, God wants to change your entire life, starting from your name. He wants to give you a new name. In Isaiah 62 verse 2, it was prophesied that Gods people would be given a new name, and the Lord himself will give the name to them.

The Gentiles shall see your righteousness, and all kings your glory. You shall be called by a NEW NAME, which the mouth of the Lord will name (Isaiah 62:2).
This is Gods dream for you, which no one (man or enemy) can hinder. It is unstoppable! It is marvelous! It is glorious!

The identity of every creature is a name. Nothing exist without a name- both living and non-living things. I do not know what kind of name had been given to you may be because of your problems or the situation of your life in the past. Whatever it is I do not want know, what I know and believe is what God said, you shall not be called by the name Debtor, Barrenness, Failure, Sick, Poor, Jabez, Jacob, and etc any longer. The UNCHANGEABLE GOD has decreed the unchangeable words to your life. He is ready to give you a NEW NAME in this Hour. For God to give you a new name means He is giving you a new role, a new life and a new journey.

The omnipresent God is ready to proclaim your name for His glory everywhere this season; the Omniscience God will make your name known for goodness, promotion and fruitfulness. Moreover, the Omnipotent Father has already inspired your name in order to prove His Mighty power. Claim it. 

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