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My Laughter Season Has Come

My Laughter Season

Bible Reading: Psalm 30, Genesis 21:1-10

Your laughter season has come! When God visit you, it will result to laughter which accomplish by earthly celebration (Genesis 21:6). When God visit you, you must have something to show as evidence that He comes. Sarah shown Isaac as evidence, Hannah presented Samuel as a sign, Zachariah named John the Baptist as testimony, and David sited on the throne as living proof. Read Psalm 30 now!

God promises you that you shall weep no more (Isaiah 30:19). When Jesus Christ met the woman of our text (Bible reading for today), He told her not to weep again. After His commiseration, He touched the coffin where her only child had kept for burial. And the child came back to life. When God visit you, He must stop you from weeping; touch wherever you have been cage or hide for not manifest what you have destiny or dream of. Today is the day! Your life, business, family, education, marriage, spiritual life, etc. must come back to life because you have met Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.


1.    I command all your destiny that have been kept in coffin to get of it in the name of Jesus

2.    The mighty hand of God from Heaven, touch the darkness house that enemies have kept me since all these days.

3.    I loose myself and my ordained wife/husband from the cage of enemies which disallow us to meet as husband and wife since all these days in Jesus name.

4.    All the power that cause me to weep daily, you are a liar die by fire today in Jesus name.

5.    O Lord my Creator, rescue me today from the power and group that decided to burial me, my business and my glory in Jesus name.

6.    I command the thunder of God to break to pieces all the satanic strong rooms harboring me to laugh, in Jesus’ name.

7.    O Lord my God, let all satanic instruments (the legal tenders and the illegal) used against me be completely destroyed by fire, in Jesus’ name.

8.    I command all satanic clearing houses and agent to be roasted, in the name of Jesus.

9.    My season of laughter has started today in the name of Jesus.

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