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Be Fruitful and Multiply


Bible Reading: Genesis 1:28-end

 “Shall the prey be taken form the mighty, or the lawful  captive delivered? But thus saith the lord, even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered; for I will contend with him that saves thy children. And will feed them that oppress thee within their own flesh; and they shall be drunk with their own blood, as with sweet wine; and all flesh shall know that I the Lord am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty one of Jacob”. Isaiah 49:24-26


1.   Thank God for this opportunity you have today and for what He is going to use this last day of this program to do in your life.

2.  Dear father I give you thanks for a new day. I ask you Lord to bless and help me today to live for you. I pray Lord you will bless all your people to day on this site.

3.  Help us to bring praise and glory to your holy name.

4.  Father I pray you will give us love and compassion for each other and may your people be blessed and encouraged in the things of God. We thank you for your love and mercy in our lives and we give you praise and worship to say blessed be you o Lord.

5.  I give you thanks to day for the word of God and the freedom to read it. Help us all to trust your word and to hear the voice of God as we read and study it may the Holy Spirit lead us into all truth.

6.  Ask for the forgiveness of sins that still remain in your heart till today, that God should forgive and wash you clean with the precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

7.  Call the name of Jesus Christ 3times, every power that wants to attack me because of the blessing, breakthrough and divine solution that have received during this program, I command them to die and cast fire in the name of Jesus Christ.

8.  In the name of JESUS CHRIST, every evil kingdom negotiation of evil over my life, business, family, I command you stop and cast fire in the name of Jesus Christ.

9.  Every evil roofing around my life and business I render them useless and consume by Holy Host fire in the name of Jesus Christ.

10.              Every power that want me die at the beginning of my breakthrough that started today, I raise the thunder of God upon you in the name of Jesus Christ.

11.              Every red sea that stand in between me and my promise land get dry in Jesus name.

12.              Every shackles or cob web on my life sourer should be visited with Holy Ghost fire.

13.              Every power of the enemy that wants to turn my destiny in 2011 upside down should be publicly disgrace in Jesus name.

14.              Every arrow of witches and wizard fired into my blood or my destiny i command them to backfire to sender immediately in Jesus name.

15.              Every luggage and parcel of Satan in my family I stand on the word of God gets broken now in Jesus name.

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