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The Witness that Can Lead to Your Success


Bible Reading: I KINGS 1: 22- 27.

In every business or jobs, or work, there are partners, staff, and customers. All these people will make business succeed at the right time. The same thing is applicable to marriage, academic and social life. Any man that has the right associate will make him achieve the right thing at the right time.

As you know, you need the right associate, people that will not allow death or failure to come your way.

(1)              In the Jesus name, those that will be my witness in order to achieve my dreams through my helper, God raise them for me.

(2)              In the Jesus name, those that will be fighting for my right either I was there or not, God raise them for me today.

(3)              In the Jesus name, those that will make my enemies frustrated in their action against me, Lord raise them for me.

(4)              All the mirror of darkness that use to monitor my life, affairs, business, I command you to break without remedy in the name of Jesus.

(5)              All the monitoring agent of darkness that had been monitored my life from the womb of my mother till today, O Lord blindfold them today in the Jesus name.

(6)              All tools that installed as monitor against my steps, O Lord, uproot them with Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.

(7)              All the manufacturer of monitoring tools assigned to monitor me, die in Jesus name.

All the camp that the monitoring tools was camped in order to carry their evil works against me, Holy Ghost fire and the thunder of God destroy the camp today in the  name of Jesus

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