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Destroy the Destroyers


Bible Reading: MATTHEW 2:1-8

Since the first day of the program, we have been asking God to do one thing or the other for us. And I believe, we have started receiving congratulatory message on new and good things that God has done during and through the program. As we had received these things, we must be aware that enemies will not happy of hearing it or seeing it.

When Jesus was born, there was a king reign then, the king is called King Herod. A king that determined to killed miracle gifts of Mary. At the end of it, king Herod died.


Matthew 2:3    When king Herod heard the good news of the new born baby Jesus, he was disturbed and not happy.

(1)              Anyone that hear about the new and good things that God has done for me through this program and not happy with it, O Lord let the evil spirit begin to torment him/her.

(2)              Any one that see good and new things that God did for me, but has evil agenda to destroy it, O lord put such to shame and disgrace them all in the Jesus name.

(3)              Whosoever called him/herself a king in any kingdom of darkness that are not happy with good things that I did O Lord destroy his kingdom with Holy Ghost fire.

(4)              Any kingdom that plan to kill or destroy the new house, car, jobs, business, children, wife, husband etc that God did for me in this program Holy Ghost fire destroy them with the thunder of God.

Matthew 2:4    King Herod called people around him to know where Jesus Christ was born.

This world is full of evil and manipulations, one of such things is the one recorded in these passages. King Herod wants to know where Jesus was born; there are many powers, useless kings, groups and societies that want to know where you were born. The purpose of knowing it is to kill you or hinder you to fulfill your dreams.

(5)              Any kingdom that desire to know my origin in order to kill me and my destiny, O earth, swallow them today in the name of Jesus.

(6)              Those that are assigned to look or search for my origin, O lord my God, as they take the steps of searching for my origin and the origin of the good things you did for me, let their steps be unto death in the Jesus name.

(7)              In the Jesus name, every forces of wickedness that are going round to look for me, in order to hinder, steal and kill me, let the Host of Heaven visit them with thunder of God.

Matthew 2:7-12.     Herod called the Magi secretly and found out from them the exactly time the star had appeared.
(8)              All the mirrors that enemies use to monitor my daily life break without remedy in Jesus name.

(9)              All the pot or calabash of the evil power using to search for me, Holy Ghost fire burnt them today in Jesus name.

(10)          Every tool of the enemies used to go against the will and plan of God over my life, be destroying with the Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.

(11)          O Lord my God, arise in your mighty power and destroy all the monitoring agent assigned to monitor my family, wife/husband, children, cars, household in Jesus name.

(12)          All powerful people in the kingdom of darkness that secretly assigned the work of monitoring my life, O Lord dethrone them with thunder of God in Jesus name.

(13)          Anyone that used evil strategies to steal my destiny, die in Jesus name.

(14)          All demonic computers used in the kingdom of darkness to monitor me, I command them to break by the thunder of God.

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