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Occupy Your Throne


Bible Reading: 1 KINGS 1:5-10


Adonijah the son of Haggath exalted himself to be king when he was not ordained by God to be king. He planned to overthrow the kingship of King David.

I Kings 1:5a:    Adonijah had been parade himself as king, when the king David still on the throne, but his effort, strategies and planned end up useless.

(1)              Anyone that exalts him/herself to take my position of glorification, O Lord Let him/her destroys him/herself in the Jesus name.

(2)              O Lord my God, I don’t want to know who is he, where he/she comes from or his/her age, anyone that conspire against me let his/her life end today in the Jesus name.

1 Kings 1:5b:   Adonijah prepared for himself chariots and horsemen and fifty men to run before him for this evil plan.

(3)              Anybody that joins hands together to dismiss my employment, O Lord, disgraces them and disunites them with heavenly confusion in the name of Jesus Christ.

(4)              What ever the power they rely on that make them stood to confound my position, O lord destroy all their power with Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.

(5)              Every step they take in darkness world to stop me from fulfilling my dreams this year let Host of Heaven destroy it all in the Jesus name.

(6)              Any plan of the enemy for me to quit or divorce my spouse, O Lord destroys it in Jesus name.

* I Kings 1:7   Adonijah conferred with Joab and with Abiathar the priest; and they accepted to follow and helped him.

(7)              O Lord, my God, all the false prophet that had been engineer from the pit of hell against my spiritual life, marital issues, business or jobs, let them be put to shame with Holy Ghost fire in the Jesus name.

(8)              Anyone that is in evil society that joined hands with my enemy to do evil against me, Holy Ghost fire destroyed them all in the name of Jesus.

* I Kings 1:9.  Adonijah sacrifice sheep, oxen, goats etc. Many people are in bondage today due to the sacrifice make to idols and evil society.

(9)              All the sacrifice to idols that make on behalf of my name is useless and destroys with Holy Ghost fire in the Jesus name.

(10)          All the sacrifices of herbalist done against my success, breakthrough and my freedom, the Blood of Jesus terminate and wash all its effect away in my life.

(11)          Whosoever that makes sacrifice to idol, carry sacrifice to junction, put sacrifice to water in the might or day break over my life, business, jobs, family, etc. Consume with Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.

(12)          Every covenant that linked to my name from sacrifice make to idols or gods is cancel with the Blood of Jesus today.

(13)          As from today, that lecture room of darkness that I was kept, I graduate from it with Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name. so shall it be in the Jesus name I pray, amen.

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