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Destined to Be in Palace


Bible Reading: 1 KINGS 1:1-4

For anyone to be where he/she should be at the right time, something unique and misery must happen. Since it has been in God’s master plan for Abishag the Shunammite, to be the wife of a remarkable king in Isreal and the entire world, King David could not get warm. (I Kings 1:1).

For you to be on the throne where you have destined for, somebody like King David should not get warm. To get warm in this passage simply means his conditions is unbearable unless he found Abishag.

You too can become the wife of your nation’s president or Governor’s wife or senator’s wife etc. you can become a man who has authority to rule his world at a particular time.

*     King David did not have sex with her. I Kings 1:4.
In our society today, to get admission or employment require demises requirement like sex with lecturer or MD before admission or employment; joining evil society like Ogboni, secret cult, or god-fatherism before emerged as political candidate of a party; Bribery the lecturers and examiner in order to have excellent result, etc. but in case of Abishag, such evil acts is not introduced. Even the Bible didn’t tell us that she wrote an application in order to be in palace.

Dear friends, what happened to this remarkable sister Abishag is going to happen to you this year. Since you’re one of the partakers of this program, such evil acts will not be introduced to you in order to be on the throne in Jesus name.

Don’t be afraid; let your faith be in God your creator. All your desire – employment, political post, promotion, examination result, etc shall easily give to you in the name of Jesus.

*     They sought for a lovely young woman throughout all the terrain of Israel and found nobody unless Abishag. I King 1:3.        


(1)      That position that is vacancy, which they had been seeking for person to fill, shall remain vacant until they see you to fill in Jesus name.

(2)      They sought the whole world to see a young sister that will become king’s wife, but no one was found unless the Abishag the Shunammite; until they see your name and your CV that position will remain vacancy.

(3)      Until that brother see you, he will not be easy for him to approach any sister for marriage.

(4)      Throughout your office, ministry, department, city, nation and the entire world, you will remain the only person that qualifies for that promotion, employment, or assignment in the name of Jesus Christ.

* They sought for her and found her. I King 1:3.          
(5)      Where ever you located, your allocation will locate you.

(6)      No matter where you’re hidden, the light of God will expose you for greater position in your world.

(7)      The condition of remain single is not permanent for Abishag, I prophecy to you today that your singleness is expired today in the name of Jesus Christ.

(8)      Those that ordained to take you to the next level, as from today they will found it easy to search and find you in Jesus name.

·       Divine Motivation. I Kings 1:2. King David’s servants motivated him and make a suggestion that opened door for Abishag to be in King’s palace.          

(9)      Those that will raise alarm that will make the door of breakthrough, promotion, employment, married to open for you shall find it easy to voice out in the name of Jesus.

(10)  God will cause those that will be your helper for you to fulfill your destiny to search for you in Jesus name.

(11)  The person that will make a suggestion that will open door for your elevation shall be motivated by the spirit of God in Jesus name.

·        Spent what they have. I Kings 1:3  They spent their time, resources, skills, energy, etc. to sought for Abishag.

(12)  Those that will not complain about time, energy, resources or anything in order to assists you fulfilling your dreams/visions this year God will raise them for you in Jesus name.

(13)  Those that will not relent in their efforts until you accomplish your goals shall be direct to you as your helper in Jesus name.

* No Compete. I Kings 1:4.  Nobody compete or argue with Abishag appointed.

(14)  People shall find it difficult to compete with you in your office, your shop, your marital home in Jesus name.

(15)  Anyone that desire to raise his or her voice to stop you in fulfilling your purpose, dream or vision, their voices shall be ceased in the name of Jesus Christ.

(16)  All your opposition shall put to shame and finally surrender to your order in Jesus Christ name.

(17)  This year, you shall be congratulated in every aspect of your life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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