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Overcoming the Power of Wickedness


Bible Reading: Isaiah 62:18-22. Proverbs 14:19

Gate is defines as “a barrier like a door that is used to close an opening in a fence or a wall outside a building”.

It is a moveable barrier serving as a door in a wall or fence; a means of entrance or exit.

In the scripture, there are more than 20 different things that happened to gate. There is no man that has no door or gate that is passing through on daily basis. It is place we used to enter or go out of our house or offices – place of work.

Many people can pass or go through their door or gates uncountable time daily. It is a place where you take good things to enter your house. At the same tie is a place where you take bad things out. For example, if you sweep your house you are going to take the dust outside through door or gates. If you receive certificate or letter and you want to submit it, you are to pass through gate or door. Gate has to do with going out or come in.

No matter who you are where you live, there is no way you can do without door or gates. Is a place you must pass through even to enter heaven, you are to follow gate or door so also to hell.

Proverbs 14:19
“Evil men will bow down in the presence of the good, and the wicked at the gates of the righteous”.

Any where there is wicked stand, wickedness must appear there, for a wicked to be at a gate of the righteous means that the wicked is doing something evil there. Some of the missions of wicked at the gates of righteous is stealing, hindrances, attack etc. they were there to steal good things that belong to the righteous.

The wicked are at the gates of righteous in order to hinder good things that are coming to the righteous.

Sometimes, many Christians found it difficult to excel in good things because the wicked have stolen what can make them excel. They see and know everything that is coming in and going out. That is why you should not take today prayer lightly.

I have seen a man who collected his pension money, (N500,000) and brought it to the house. Before he collected the money, he has make arrangement with cement factory to supply him cement in order to invest the money. When the man got to where he kept the money in the following day, he met only ashes. The money had turned to ashes completely. Why? Because the wicked at his gates has turned the money to waste.

Another thing that wicked at the gate does to righteous is exchanging everything that is useful for the righteous to another thing.

I have a woman who is in 5 months pregnant, but coming back from hospital the pregnant is not there again. What a wicked at the gates.

In Africa, mostly Nigeria, several houses or shops have idol place at the door post. Many believe that the idol will cause customers to come to buy their goods. Sometimes place idol on their door or gates is for protection. But all these believe are means of allowing evil to dominate their life, business and everything they does.

Not only them will experience the evil effect but also the people that pass through the door or the gates unless the person is born again.

(1)      All wicked at the gate of my house consume with Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.

(2)      In the name of Jesus, all power of wicked at my gate of work, is consumed with Holy Ghost fire.

(3)      Any sign of wicked at the gate of my life, is blot away with the blood of Jesus.

(4)      As from today, my gate is dedicated to God in Jesus name.

(5)      Every monitoring wicked at the gate of my house receive the judgment of God today in Jesus name.

(6)      In the name of Jesus, any covenant of wicked at the gate of my house, office, shops is wash clean with the blood of Jesus.

(7)      Every strange object at the gate of my life, house, shop, office is consume with fire of God in the name of Jesus.

(8)      All handcuffs that have chain me in darkness is loosed in the name of Jesus.

(9)      Everything trouble in my life that is as a result of where I have passed through be terminated in the mighty name of Jesus.

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