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Divine Visitation


Bible Reading: LUKE 1:26 -33.

The unlimited congratulation that God had destined for us this year 2011 has to begin with divine visitation.

The congratulatory message that Mary received started with a visitation from Heaven through Angel Gabriel. The visitation from heaven is foe a specific house in a specific city. That house that the host of Heaven will visit today is your house, not only you house but your room. (Luke 1:26).

Vs 27:    The visitation is to a particular person in a family. Remember there is extended family in your house, but your own family is the one that the host of heaven will visit today.

The visitation is to a particular wife of a husband; it is a visitation to a particular husband of a wife. And that person is you!

Vs 27 (B)      The messenger that was sent know the name of the woman and her husband. God knows your name and your family name. And the host of Heaven will never mislead to another person’s house.

Vs 28
(a)  The Angel go straight to Mary’s room; and he met her.
(b)   Divine proclamation to her “Rejoice highly favoured one, the Lord is with you blessed are you among women”!

When God visited, Mary, the word of congratulation was spoken to her. You cannot received Heaven visitation without a message, and the message is a “blessed are you among the people”.

When God blessed you among the people, what else! The next is celebration.


1.          Thank God for making today a special day that the Host of Heaven will visit you.

2.          Thank God for everything that He will make to happen to you in the visitation.

3.          Thank and praise God because the Host of Heaven will fulfill and complete their mission in your house, place of work and every where your belonging is located before their departure.

4.          Ask for the forgiveness of all your sins that can hinder the Host of Heaven to enter your house for the message.

5.          Ask for the Blood of Jesus to wash and clean your entire house so that the host of Heaven will meet you clean.

6.          Ask for the Blood of Jesus to clean and remove all stain that place on you or on your house or your work.

7.          Call the name of Jesus 3 times, Holy Ghost fire; consume all strange materials that will not allow the Host of Heaven to abide in my room and my house, my place of work.

8.          Call Jesus name 3 times, Holy Ghost fire, consume and scattered all the plan of darkness before the arrival of the August visitor in my room.

9.          In Jesus name, O Lord, let the Angel you have ordained to deliver my congratulatory message locate me today.

10.      O Lord, the Host of Heaven that you send to set me free from all my bondage should not be mislead in Jesus name.

11.      Where ever I may be today, let the Host of Heaven locate me there with divine solution to all my problems.

12.      As Angel Gabriel knew the name of Mary and Joseph, O Lord, let the Helper you send know me and my name in Jesus name.

13.      O Lord, don’t allow the power of darkness to manipulate my name before the arrival of the Host of Heaven in Jesus name.

14.      O Lord my God, let the visitation from your throne begin in my home today in precious name of Jesus.

15.      Angel Gabriel was not delayed or stopped on the road until he delivered the congratulatory message to Mary, O Lord, don’t allow anything to stop and delay the Angel you have send to me today in Jesus name.

16.      After today, let the whole world know that I have received an August visitor from your throne in Jesus name, Amen.
17.      The complete package you send to me through the Host of Heaven, O Lord, don’t allow it to be steal or damage before it get to me in Jesus name.

18.      All people that my blessing is hanged in their hands and they did not know my name, O Lord, let them know my name and locate me today in Jesus name.

19.      O Lord my God, uses your mighty hand to bring me out from the cage that enemies kept me in Jesus name.

20.      Mary was without child until the Host of Heaven visited her, O Lord; let a new thing spring up in my life today as an evidence of your visitation to my life in Jesus name.

21.      Today is the day of divine visitation to my house, room, family, business, education; I claim it in Jesus name.


22.      The entire spiritual attacker against me through sex in the dream with strange woman is terminated with the blood of Jesus.

23.      Any creatures that surrender his or herself to used sexuality in the dream to steal my glory die in Jesus name.

24.      All the agents of destroyers in my parental home that use sex in thee dream to hinder my to fulfilling God’s purpose for my life, you are a liar die in Jesus name.

25.      All the source of sexuality in the dream against my life is terminated with the Blood of Jesus in Jesus name.

26.      In Jesus name, as from today henceforth, sex in the dream is end today in my life.

27.      You this woman/man that normally have sex with my through dream today Holy Ghost burnt you to ashes in Jesus name.

28.      All the covenants that I have involved through sex in the dream are canceling today with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

29.      I’m set free from every bondage of sexuality in Jesus name.

30.      I will celebrate at the end of this program in Jesus name. 

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