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As we all know that the entire world is a problem of a family. Each man comes from a family, and society is a result of combination of families. Any problem in every society or a nation is a carry over of family problem. Overcoming family problems is one of the fundamental teachings to uphold the family and the entire world as whole.

Many marriages started well, lives peacefully and enjoying the benefits of their marriage smoothly, but suddenly, everything turned upside down that make them not end well. Even, many couples had departed because of a little problem that can easily settle, but due to ignorance and lack of understanding among the couple it led to separation.

Much of tears and sorrow befalling homes today are as a result of failure to solve the problems amicably. Family statistics have made it clear that 80% of the peculiar problems we are facing today is as a result of lack of understanding the causes of the problem and the solution implementation of the solutions. In ability to solve problems amicably has affected our lives, homes, church, cities, nation and the entire world as whole.

Everyman is from a family and we must ready to understanding the causes and the solution of every problem that warrant in our family.

As far as family is concern, the following facts are the things each man and woman should know about the family problems:

Problem cannot be stop from coming: The number one thing you must know and be sincere with is that no man can stop problem from coming. You cannot stop it from coming. The home is a combination of two different backgrounds at times different language husband and wife. Definitely, there must be disagreement before agreement once a while. In a clear word, Jesus said, "in this world you shall have tribulation, but be cheerful I have conquered the world". You cannot stop family problem from coming, but you can stop it from breaking or destroying your home.

You cannot run from problem: I use to wonder when husband will run away from his wife because of a little disagreement between them. One thing is certain; you cannot run from your family problem. The more you from it the more you postponing the evil days. The day you run from one problem is the day you create another one. You don't need to run from it, rather face it and you will surely overcome it.

Problem is created by anyone in the family: Family is a combination of father and mother including the children; problem can be created from anyone of them. That is, anyone can be a source or a cause of the problem. As a father or mother, you must not look or create way for problem. What you've been looking for is what you find. A little space you create for problem to penetrate to your family is enough for it to destroy and depart the home. Therefore, make sure and try your best not to become a problem creator of your family. Think twice before you take any step in life.

Problems can be solving: No problem without a solution. You can solve the problem facing your family. Your partner can also solve it. Every couple has enough ability to handle their problem. All things needed for every problem to be solved are available within you. Your family is not instituted for problems, but the problems are created by us to be handled and make us better and stronger. Dear brethren, which problem facing your family- barrenness, sickness or financial constrain, your problem can be solve.

Many sources of problem but one solution to every problem: There are many sources or causes for family problems to comes, but there is only ONE source to solve them all. Looking for solution to any problem facing your family in wrong place is creating more problems to your family. No man can help you solve your problems than only Jesus Christ. Any way you follow to solve your family problems except the way of Jesus Christ is a destructive way. The only key to lock up your family problems is in the hand of Jesus Christ. He is 24/7 and available every where to solve it for you. 

Husband and wife is the product of their family, and they have responsibilities and authority from the Lord to determine what or who enters their family. The keys had been given to you, thereby you should not allow the problems to ruin, destroy and win your family but each one of us must kick them out.

1. All the sources that had been created for problem in my family is block with the Blood of Jesus Christ.
2. Enough is enough, every power behind problems in my family is consume with the Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.
3. All problems that turned family upside down is end today in Jesus name.
4. The entire root that linked to my family problems is uprooted in Jesus name.
5. Lord, open our spiritual understanding to know the solution to our family in Jesus name.
6. I cover my family with the Blood of Jesus from any power that can destroy my family.
7. All the hands that joined together against my family success are cut off in Jesus name. 

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